committee com‧mit‧tee [kəˈmɪti] noun [countable]
a group of people within an organization such as a government, company, or political party who have been chosen or elected in order to do a particular job, take decisions etc:

• They will discuss the issue at a committee meeting next month,

• He resigned as chairman of the committee but remains a committee member.

comˈpliance comˌmittee
a committee in a financial institution that makes sure the institution is obeying financial laws
ˈcreditors' comˌmittee
a group of creditors who act together to get back the money they are owed by a bankrupt company:

• Its creditors' committee, which represents holders of about $1.5 billion in claims, said it will try to block any sale of the company.

exˌecutive comˈmittee
1. a committee made up of the senior managers of a company, usually one chosen by the board:

• These executives will form an executive committee aimed at improving relations with the agency's largest global clients.

2. a committee at the head of a professional association or political party:

• the executive committee of the Italian Bankers Association

ˈmanagement comˌmittee
a committee that takes decisions about how a company operates or is run:

• GM's management committee met yesterday afternoon to discuss corporate reorganization.

poˌlitical ˈaction comˌmittee abbreviation PAC
an organization formed by a business or trade union that raises money to help elect its supporters to Congress:

• Arctic Alaska employees' political action committee gave Mr. Miller's campaign a total of $3,400.

seˌlect comˈmittee
an independent committee that examines and reports on different government departments and activities:

• Under British parliamentary procedure, a select committee can force witnesses to answer questions.

seˈlection comˌmittee
a group of people who choose something or someone for a particular job, activity etc
ˈsteering comˌmittee
a committee with responsibility for making sure that particular tasks are carried out:

• The corporate marketing steering committee coordinates marketing issues.

— see also Federal Open Market Committee

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committee UK US /kəˈmɪti/ noun [C]
MEETINGS a small group of people chosen to represent a larger organization and make decisions or collect information for it: »

committee members


a committee meeting


If the others on the committee share his view and the data continues to be weak, a rate rise seems unlikely.

appoint/form/establish a committee »

A committee was appointed to oversee the building of the new facility.

be/sit/serve on a committee »

She has served on the committee for many years.

chair a committee »

The Finance Director usually chairs this committee.

a committee decides/approves/recommends »

The selection committee recommended that both candidates be appointed.


an advisory/consultative/executive committee

See also CREDITORS' COMMITTEE(Cf. ↑creditors' committee), JOINT CONSULTATIVE COMMITTEE(Cf. ↑joint consultative committee), MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE(Cf. ↑management committee), POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE(Cf. ↑political action committee), SELECTION COMMITTEE(Cf. ↑selection committee), STEERING COMMITTEE(Cf. ↑steering committee)

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